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What are the running shoes of fashion trend?


Do you know what running shoes pop stars like to wear? The answer is Nike Epic React Flyknit.




The Nike Epic React Flyknit was just a pair of fashionable shoes that grabbed the spotlight. In such a consumption era, the function of shoes can let him get a large number of professional runners, but the high level of appearance in the bottom of the wave can be won by all. So fashion dictates whether he sells to runners or to everyone, and for industry giants like Nike, the Nike Epic React Flyknit is no doubt a shoe he used to bet on.


In terms of the design of the shoes, Nike took the concept of minimalism as the core of the design of the shoes, and the Epic React Flyknit was basically Flyknit upper +React sole. To get rid of the wear - resistant rubber at the bottom and present a minimalist and elegant state, Nike is moving the technology of the bottom of the box.

Men Nike Epic React Flyknit AQ0067 Grey Pink Blue



Epic React Flyknit use Flyknit weaves vamp very nicely feet, Flyknit is 08 Nike launched another vamp after FLYWIRE technology upgrade, although looks just like socks knitting form onto the shoe, but it is this "socks" rather than "shoes" on the foot, it is an unprecedented experience sexual revolution. If your arch is on the high side, be aware that hipster shoes are not a happy thing when worn on a daily basis.




The rigid and independent TPU design of the heel of the shoe and the Flyknit vamp of three-dimensional knitting make the overall support of the running shoes remain in a relatively stable state, and the combination of turning the inner part of the fur heel can effectively reduce the foot sliding and avoid the generation of blisters.


The support of the heel is more stable in bending and changing direction. The arch does not support the bridge or double density material, which is good for lightweight, but for runners with low arches or those with overpronation in their gait, long runs provide relatively little support.

Best Unisex Nike Epic React Flyknit AQ0067 White Red



The shoes worked 83km during the photo shoot, and the durability of the front and rear metacarpal patch was good, with little change. The exposed React part may have a lot of wear, but compared to their Zoom X, it seems to have a good durability.


Core technologies:


Nike React foam is an innovative product independently developed by Nike. The unique synthetic material provides runners with a lighter, softer and more resilient foam, even more durable than the Nike Lunar foam. In the past, the four functions could only be realized separately, which was difficult to solve at the same time. The r&d of Nike React made the combination of the four functions possible. Instead of EVA, the main ingredient in Nike React foam is synthetic rubber, an innovative product developed by Nike itself.


Nike is said to have tried over 400 different chemicals to synthesize and process, resulting in the Nike React foam material. The Nike Epic React has lost 5 percent of its weight, increased its flexibility by 11 percent, and had better energy feedback than its predecessor, Nike Lunar Epic Low Flyknit 2. Compared with the 4 percent Nike Zoom X of the same brand, 4 percent is specially designed for speed. It is a series of Nike running shoes with superior speed, providing faster and greater energy feedback. Nike React foam can achieve four performance advantages in one product - softness, resilience, lightness and durability.


The slope is poor:


Generally speaking, the slope difference of traditional running shoes is 8mm. This time, the slope difference of 10mm indicates that he covers an entry-level runner, while the middle bottom of the front palm, which is 29mm high, looks like a spring. Will it be possible to use the bottom of the React in the FREE series with smaller slope difference in the future?

Nike Epic React Flyknit

Permeability is:


Flyknit is a sneaker technology made from polyester yarn. It not only has the characteristics of light weight, elasticity and durability, but also increases the air permeability of the vamp by natural interlacing of the thread and the thread.



As a star favorite running shoe, Epic React Flyknit is made to be light, soft and springy, suitable for daily jogging training or completing half-horse length marathons. As the sole is not designed for stable support, it is suitable for runners with normal or underpronated (normal or high arches). It's beautiful. It's not just a running shoe.

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