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Trends In Casual Shoes : Nike Dunk SB

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Trends In Casual Shoes : Nike Dunk SB


Nike SB is a professional Skate Boarding shoe series of Nike. The full name of SB is Skate Boarding, which is Skate Boarding.


Nike SB's front line is mainly concentrated in Nike Dunk SB and Nike TENNIS SB. Dunk SB, as its name implies, has the classic Dunk bloodline, but when Nike transformed it into SB, it added a cooler technique, mainly to thicken the tongue and add Zoom air cushion. Because Skate Boarding is the exercise that uses the foot surface so far. Therefore, in addition to easy to put on and take off, the thickened tongue adds protection. Adding the Zoom air cushion is mainly to consider the impact of the X movement on the landing, to give all Nike SB better protection.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB-ART NO-854866-209

In terms of appearance and performance, the Dunk series is used as an example.


First, the "Nike SB" logo is sewn on the tongue of the SB shoe, while the ordinary Dunk logo on the tongue is "Nike". In addition, the logo of "air FORCE I" is "Nike air".


Second, it is also the tongue. The thickness of the tongue of the SB series Dunk is usually several times that of the ordinary Dunk. This is to protect the Skater's ankle design. In Guangzhou, the thick tongue is stuck outside the pants but has become the trend. Wearing style:

Men-Nike SB Dunk Low-ART NO-304292-402

In terms of shoelaces, ordinary Dunk uses wide textile laces. SB uses thick laces.


Third, look inside the insole. The ordinary Dunk insole is printed with "Nike" and its swoosh logo. The Dunk insole is printed with the "LE" logo on the insole. Different from the first two. All SB shoes The insole is printed with a imitation footprint. The "Nike SB" is printed on the heel of the wear scar. In addition, there are two attached Zoom airs under the insole of the SB shoe. This is naturally also comfortable. Sex and safety considerations


Fourth, there are more than ten grooves at the outer bottom edge of the SB shoe. In fact, other Skate Boarding shoes such as DC and Timberland also have such grooves. This design is mainly for jumping when jumping and using the sole to lift the Skateboard. The action of the head. The Dunk of the first year version generally does not have such a groove.

Unisex-Air Jordan 1 Low OG Premium

Finally, the outer side of the Dunk SB's heel will generally have a knit logo that relates to the identity of the shoe. This involves a deeper problem. That is, each street card cooperates with Nike to launch the SB system.


The new design reclassified Dunk, with a low-casual version of Dunk LOW and a high-barreled original design of Dunk HI. There is a more detailed classification in terms of functionality. As the lowest-end original design, Dunk is positioned as a general casual shoe. Its workmanship is the most common material. After that, the ordinary Dunk modified version of Dunk pro is used as a substitute for the original Dunk. There is no change in technology. It’s just that the taste has changed the design of the tongue and added a pair of shoes to add a big match. (BTW: We generally say that Dunk pro B is actually Dunk pro) is the Dunk pro SB that locates the low-end Skate Boarding industry and high-end leisure. He adds extra thick tongue to the ordinary prototype Dunk, adding the shoes themselves. The Skateboard feel and comfort, like the Dunk pro, have an extra shoelace. The most important thing is to change the insole into a Zoom air insole with a considerable technical content. The shock absorber effect is absolutely first class. This is followed by an improved version of Dunk pro premium in the regular version of Dunk pro. From the name, it can be seen that it is a high-end product. premium is positioned as a high-end leisure market. The original intention was that the premium series all used the most high-grade brown oil skin design, but the definition of the premium series gradually changed, but it always represented The best manual and best materials in the Dunk range are super limited editions.

Unisex-Nike Dunk Low Pro SB-ART NO-854866-003_443

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