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The Most Innovative Running Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

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The Most Innovative Running Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35



Nike cooperated with the Breaking 2 event to release the creative vaporfly series of running shoes. The unique design concept also really provoked layers of ripples in the running circle at that time. Various kinds of comments were accompanied by the growth of the products. . Now, although the whole event has been settled, Nike will continue the avant-garde concept of product design in this competition, presenting the latest Nike Air Pegasus 35 in front of us. Today we will reveal this for everyone. What is the product?




The Pegasus series has always been the core shoe in Nike's professional running shoes. Since its first birth in 1983, this year has come to the 35th generation. Compared with previous generations, the appearance of Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has changed greatly and is more fashionable. The design of the drill tool may be more attractive to runners. The first impression is easier to remember. The integrated upper design is the different sound from this new product. The U-shaped shoe material is not elastic. Obvious, so when choosing this running shoes, you must pay attention to whether your feet are the same size, in order to be smoother when wearing and taking off.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Rose White Running Shoes Men

The heel neck of the heel is high and high, which shows a clear difference from the common running shoes. This design is not too much to talk about in terms of functionality, but in the era of individualization, it seems so independent. The design of the beveled heel is corresponding. It should be said that the first contact has already felt that the trend style that the designer highlights at the heel of the shoe is to highlight the difference of the runner.


Wrap package:


Air Zoom Pegasus 35's one-piece upper is quite similar to the previous Nike's lunarepic running shoes. There are also arches in the ankles, and the heel parts have been improved to highlight the more obvious wrapping. The average runners accept better, basic It doesn't need to be worn for a while, but because the integrated upper design is more suitable than the usual size of half a yard, relying on the Flywire flying thread technology woven into the sides of the upper brings extra support. Ensure that your feet are locked more securely during exercise.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Black White Running Shoes Men

Earthquake and support:


The biggest difference from the previous generations of Air Zoom Pegasus comes from the midsole technology of running shoes. This generation of Pegasus 35 should be said to be a rare luxury configuration in this series, even in the top basketball shoes, it is very rare. Air Air cushion appears in the midsole configuration of this Air Zoom Pegasus 35. This change can be said to be an attempt by Nike in recent years. The full Zoom Air Air cushion can absorb the impact force generated when the feet are landing. Turn it into energy to help the next time you force. Unlike the previous half-palm Zoom Air cushion, the full palm provides more protection for the smooth natural transition of the heel to the toe. At the same time, combined with the high-quality CUSHLON foam, it can highlight the comfortable support performance. Unlike the traditional Lunarlon midsole, this Cushlon foam is superimposed on the Zoom Air cushion. The cushioning effect at the foot is very obvious during the specific experience. It can give you the satisfaction of the fist to the meat every time you land. The earthquake is full and the elasticity is also very obvious. Every time you want to force, you will feel that the feedback under your feet is particularly timely. This refreshing sense of refreshment is indeed the most intuitive feeling that the midsole technology can bring, the whole midsole The streamlined design is also very flexible when the forefoot is bent.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Dark Grey Red Running Shoes Men

In the actual experience, the addition of the full palm Zoom Air cushion can bring the most direct feedback improvement of the sole. Whether it is in the forefoot or the heel, you can immediately feel the rebound of the Zoom Air cushion. The degree makes up for the lack of the half-hand Zoom Air cushion in the old model. At the same time, the CUSHLON foam midsole brings a softer cushioning feeling. Together with the Air cushion, it forms a double combination from soft to elastic, and the heel angle design of the heel. It absorbs the design features of the VAPORFLY series of the whole horse, and it has a more prominent transition from the back to the front when landing. It can be said that the adjustment of the Pegasus 35 to the midsole has reached a high level for this series. Buffer protection is very good when used during training.


In addition to the large upgrade of the midsole configuration, the outer structure of the Pegasus 35 has also been greatly adjusted. The rubber patch at the bottom of the shoe is more complicated. It has a more complex shape design than the previous generation, and the grip is improved. For the support of the arch, the Pegasus 35 is positioned in the cushioning section itself, and the inner side does not emphasize the supporting function too much, and the performance is quite satisfactory. In addition, the outer layer of the upper surface of the Pegasus 35 is designed with a large mesh structure, which is acceptable for the gas permeability and is also a normal level.

Mens Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 White Black Running

This Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 running shoes belongs to this series of very large upgrades, the combination of the full Zoom Air Air cushion and CUSHLON foam midsole, the slope angle of the heel midsole design, are buffer protection for long distance training. It lays a good foundation, and the unique design of this Pegasus 35 also changes the inherent thinking of traditional running shoes. For normal gait runners, Pegasus 35 is a good choice.

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