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What tidal shoes worth recommending in 2018?

Posted by admin 01/05/2018 0 Comment(s)
         A few days ago, we recommended a super inventory of 30 small white shoes, of course, in addition to small white shoes, the optional style is still a lot of, here's to recommend some recent tide shoes worth a try:
Nike Air presto
       As many of the regular shoes in the shoe, the comfortable feel of the presto has also been recognized by many people, and the shape is also very suitable for everyday wear. There are two kinds of earliest stretch fabrics and Flyknit on the upper, and the iconic midfoot shoe cage can provide good support.
Nike Air Max 270
       This shoe is undoubtedly Nike's flagship shoe this year, the last time this shoe is still a small part of the pre-sale, and now each color has already begun a large-scale sale. Its characteristics are also more obvious. First, special engineering mesh uppers, diagonally staggered textures are more suitable for feet. The most iconic 270° Max Air heel has a full 32mm, and how cool it is is to try it on your own. The extra thick air cushion also gives it more air capacity, better elasticity, and lowers for the first time. The pressure in the air cushion will not appear in the lightweight people stepping on the air cushion.
Nike Air Max 98
        The old-fashioned style of old-fashioned shoes seems to have not declined, and last year's success of Air Max 97 made Nike taste the sweetness. If you think the color of 97 & 95 is more common, then it is definitely worth a try to recommend the Air Max 98 with even more color, and this year is also the 20th anniversary of the sale of Air Max 98. It follows the streamline design of 97. The upper is divided into several visible shockproof air cushions.
Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro
         Kobe's retirement life can be described as rich and colorful, with Xiao Jinren over there, Nike crazy engraved here. The outbreak of fire during the Chinese New Year sold it and went through a second sale. The feeling card is still a good thing. As a branch of honey, I would also like to recharge my faith! In addition to feeling these shoes compared to the OG version also been upgraded, reducing the overall weight, but also increased the volume Zoom Air cushioning, isolation from around the palm read the whole palm Zoom Air cushioning, so that in In actual combat, it is more than sufficient to play well, but there is also a joint version with undefeated.
Air Jordan 1 OG Bred Toe
          The most popular AJ recently, because it also happened a lot of things, I heard that wearing it will burst out of combat. Its historical position is still very high, it can be said that it witnessed Michael Jordan becoming a superstar, which is the third appearance of the 30 years since its release, and also the second reprint.

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