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One of Nike's most classic jogging shoes, Agan shoes

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            In 1972, the first soft and elastic sneakers came out. The running shoes used foam midsole, elastic shoes, and strong rubber outsole, completely subverting people's expectations for running shoes. This is the result of the dedication of a famous track and field coach. It also reflects the business acumen and advanced technology of a young Stanford graduate. With its groundbreaking design concepts of lightweight, cushioning and elasticity, this shoe is a source of inspiration for the Nike Sportswear collection. This is A-Gump running shoes, and as the first Nike A-Gump shoes, this pair of Nike A-Gump shoes is naturally expensive.






         In the film Forrest Gump, Argan was wearing these shoes and traveled all over the United States, so he was called A-Gong running shoes. The Nike Forrest Shoes is one of the most classic jogging shoes in Nike history. Since then, Cortez has become popular in the world. This is the first running shoe that reflects the design talent of Bill Bowman. The concept launched by this running shoe quickly became the industry standard. Its name was changed four times in two years, which does not explain how popular this shoe was at the time.






           In the beginning, NIKE had a total of 5 CORTEZ, which were two types of leather, two nylons, and a super-light leather SUPER CORTEZ. Nylon and suede uppers not only ensure the lightweight and quick-drying of the shoes but also prevent the foot from slipping, so that each step accurately falls into the correct position. The design of the sponge midsole greatly enhances the cushioning performance, allowing it to withstand a training program of 100 miles per week. It was 1972. Humans just landed on the moon. Public opinion: Putting on CORTEZ feels like walking on the moon. In addition, in that well-known film, the contemporary actor wearing CORTEZ across the United States. "Life is like a box of chocolates." Life is like a long-distance running. You never know what will happen next. Just like the second before the birth of CORTEZ, the legend began without warning.






         In 2009, CORTEZ returned to nirvana. Inherits its "ultra-light" and "cushioned" DNA and integrates top-level "FLYWIRE" technology to reduce overall weight to the extreme of more than two decades. The technology that keeps pace with the times is matched by classic vintage models, which is why the fashion trends have been changing for so many years. CORTEZ has always stood at the top of the trend. Origin of running shoes turned tide shoes. Originally designed to make it easier for athletes to run on track and field, Bill Ballman did not expect to make it easier for the world's influxes to pick shapes on the streets.

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