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Nike PG 2 Taurus coming soon

Posted by admin 27/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

          On May 2 of this year, it was Thunderball star Paul George's 28th birthday, and on the occasion of his birthday, Nike launched a Taurus-themed birthday shoe - Nike PG 2 "Taurus". Recently, this pair of "Taurus" color matching shoes released official map, will be officially released soon.






         This "Taurus" color scheme uses Taurus where the pickle is located to dissolve the constellation elements in the shoe design. The overall upper uses a pure black tone of the universe, making the details of the red constellation elements prominent in the upper. The Taurus logo is printed on the tongue of the left foot, and the right foot uses the constellation element as a carrier to present the personal logo of the pickled pepper. The details are full, and it is worth starting with the picking fans.






This Nike PG 2 “Taurus” will land on the official website and designated retail outlets on May 4th

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