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NIKE South Coast Bullet Body, Who Do You Like Compared to the Big Air Air Max 97?

Posted by admin 05/05/2018 0 Comment(s)
       Engraved nowadays hot Air Max 97 shoe type, following the suede upper, Nike new South Coast style shoes, in line with the needs of modern young people.
        The overall use of white leather and green fabric to create the body, complemented by pink color hit design blessing formation, so that the shoes are full of young fashion enthusiasm, highlighting the sense of vitality.
         With translucent atmospheric cushion soles, not only increases the performance of non-slip shock absorption but also take you to experience a youthful passion for sports pleasure, highlighting the atmosphere of fashionable men.
      Coupled with the traditional tie-up method, it provides convenience for the outing and exudes the charm of retro tradition. The neat and uniform design of the lines provides a protective layer for the body.

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